The World of Erda
Ancient History

Legends persist of how Erda was once a place that lived away its days in peace and harmony. Legends are fickle things however. The tale of its undoing shows the greed of humanity. The veins of the planet ran blue with iridescent power and feats of mysticism were common place amongst all peoples.

It was the hunger for the power around them that sent seven humans spiraling into depths that saw their unfathomable studies and toil for such occult abilities that their cabal unleashed The Great Null upon the world.


The Great Null, which starved the very core of Erda, sapped the planet of all mystic power. The Seven’s jealousy had ultimately drained all magic from the world, leaving humanity in tattered rags of what they once were whilst they rose as gods. The Seven became the new pantheon, ruling over what was left of the nations of Erda with an iron fist for three thousand years – for three full ages.

Their frustrations were not over, however. Some of them realised they were unable to harm humans directly, though some remained unchanged and a pact was made between them all to not harm humanity.

They soon realised that humans can still be interacted with and soon after, plots and scheming in the god’s new paradise descended unto the mundane realm of Erda’s surface as each deity sought to use their cunning against each other. They would even go so far as to bestow magic onto those humans whom they’d deemed worthy of such reward, or to introduce another mechanism into their great conspiracies.


So it became that the monarchs of Erda and the aristocracies who ruled over the nations became mages of power over both fantastic and mundane.


Mark                               Gelt
Currency and Calendar

The Erdan Calendar, governed by the Tantian High Goddess Morrgan has 28-31 days in each month and 12 months in a year. The current year is 3024.C. The years are counted in cycles.

Spring consists of Thawing, Prosper and Pouring.
Summer time consists of Hunting, Median and High Sun.
Autumn consists of Goldfield, Bronzing and Howling.
Winter consists of Last light, Biting and First Light. 

The currency of Erda has been universalised, despite a healthy bartering system still functioning amongst sea merchants, caravans and traders. There are ten marks (M) in a gelt (G).