Q U I C K   G U I D E

This is a quick rules FAQ  and glossary for the basic basics of rules and world knowledge. For a better explanation please explore the rules set as listed in detail below.

O C   Q U I C K   R U L E S

How many hits per location?
There are two hits per location unless the player has the Extra Hit skill or armour is applied.

Is the system PvE or PvP?
It's both. There is nothing restricting PvP.

How long is death count?

Death count is 3 minutes long (180 seconds).
You cannot move or make noise whilst on death count.


Can I be non-com? How does the Non-com rule work?
Yes, of course. Non-coms can still take hits, as all players can, but they're never touched by our crew. If a monster approaches, state you are non-com - you will automatically go to 0 hits on your chest and start your death count. The monster will walk away and not hit you.

I have a fluff idea for my group. Can I get it made in game?
Of course! It may require tweaking to fit into current lore, but we'll be happy to try and make it happen for you.


Is there Atheism in game? Can I make other gods?

Yes, but not a huge amount of it. You cannot make other gods to fit into the pantheon. 

Can I have Magic/Wyrd?  
Not for now.


I C   Q U I C K   K N O W L E D G E

What is the Currency of the Erda world?

Marks and Gelt - 10 marks in a single gelt.

Where is the game based?
The game is based in a refugee camp turned small town in Osmoor, Albia.

Where did the gods come from?

No one but the gods themselves really know.

What happened before 3000 years ago when the gods were born?

There is no record anywhere, though many Vates have tried to figure it out, of what happened before 3000 years ago.

Who are Cambolt and Verrain?

Cambolt and Verrain are the figure heads of the opposing armies in the current Albian Civil war. Cambolt is governed by the god of Justice, Athus, and Verrain represents Athal, the goddess of peace. The pair are fighting over Albia in order to attain dominance.


G L O S S A R Y 

IC - In Character.
OC - Out of Character.
Fluff/Lore - Background story of the world or a character.
PvP - Player versus Player.
PvE - Player versus Environment (the world generally).
Non-Com - Non combatant. 
Vis-rep - Visual Representation: an item used to represent another thing.

R U L E B O O K 

Kit Standards
What rules we have, what suggestions we have and resource links.

mportant calls information you may hear during game.

Rules of Engagement
Pulling blows, grappling, headshots, groin hits and alcohol.

Hit Locations and Wounds

As well as death count.


Armour values and stacking.

Weapon Safety

General weapon rules and safety.

Basic Skills
Skills in general and what players start with.

Combat Skills
Information on Combat based skills like Extra hit, shield and weapon skills.

Education and Teaching Skills

Reading, writing and numbers plus teaching = education.

Rogue Skills

Lock pick, pickpocketing and trapping.

Piety Skills

Rituals and god-talk.


Medical skills and CPR.


Botany and the botany creation list.


Crafting and the crafting creation list.


Bibbity bobbity boo.