Crewing is a great way to test the system's ethos, rules and community especially if you want to test out the place before you buy a ticket to play.

With Erda, there is a wide variety of roles to play and plenty of opportunties for a scrap with both throwaway and more long-standing roles up for grabs. 

Crew will be required to bring basic kit, food and an appropriate tent for camping in.

Facilities Available for Crew

  • Toilet blocks

  • Shower blocks

  • Camping space

  • Tea, coffee, juice and sweets


Inside beds are available for those with medical conditions only and are of very limited space.

If you require a bed, please make sure you designate what you need in your booking form!


Suggested Kit

  • Basic Tunics and Trousers
    Any colour is great, but black is highly discouraged. Browns, greens, reds greys are a good bet. If it's cold, bring layers. If you can bring more than just basics, it would certainly be appreciated.


  • Basic Accessories
    Belts, small pouches and a cape or cloak.

  • Basic Weaponry and Armour
    At this time, Erda cannot garuntee weapons or armour to be provided. Please bring your own or borrow some from a friend. Weapons must be checked after every battle to ensure safety.

  • Sturdy Shoes
    We reccommend a good pair of hiking boots - black or brown. No trainers. We also recommend multiple pairs of socks incase feet get wet.

  • Decent Tent and Sleeping Stuff
    Indoor space for crew is scarce and reserved for those with medical conditions. Please make sure the tent and sleeping gear is suitable for the season! If you have a medical concern which requires a bed, please email us.

  • In-Character Cup and Bowl
    We provide the opportunity to buy catering tickets - if you'd like to eat in character, please make sure you bring appropriate cups/bowls/plates. We don't allow OC packets on the field.

  • Food and Drink
    If you're not partaking in catering, you'll need things to eat and ways to cook. We try to arrange a kettle and a microwave for crew to use.