About The Game

ERDA is a low fantasy LARP based in the North West of England.

The game was started by Hollie Caddock in 2015 with its first "beta" event running 31st July to 2nd August at Abney Scout and Guide Center in Cheadle with over 70 people making up crew and players!

Find out more about the core team here.

The game team aims to create an immersive low-fantasy world with high quality roleplay and challenging combat situations. 

Mission Statement - Why are we here?

Our mission is to provide our customers with compelling and immersive live-action roleplay experiences that enliven and enrich their lives.

Vision Statement: Where are we going?

We envision becoming the gold standard of rules-lite, immersive roleplay in the northwest - providing new and veteran larpers with consistently incredible games.

The Game's Core Values

We are building a system which provides an intuitive and instinctive style of play.

How we will achieve this:


  • Focus on storytelling and world building inside the game and building detail in the narrative.

  • Creating and maintaining a fluid roleplay format with plenty of opportunity for personal interpretation and creative expression.

In order to construct the best game we can muster, we've created a set of core values and principles on how we run our game.


We believe our rules should be designed to be a framework on which the experience can grow instead of hampering gameplay.

How we will achieve this:

  • Maintaining a fair, balanced and minimalistic rules set which helps facilitate a wide range of interesting play styles.

Crafting a system which cultivates an immersive interactive narrative experience.

How we will achieve this:

  • We will pride ourselves in not only rich and well constructed plot but effective set dressing, costumes, monsters and NPCs.

  • Maintain a balance of political aspects, combat, mystery, horror and intrigue to nurture many different styles of roleplay.

  • Crafting personal story lines for players based upon submitted background to further engagement with the story as a whole.