W H A T   T O  E X P E C T
I T I N E R A R Y 

Erda events have a general schedule we adhere to over the weekend.

Here, is a basic itinerary for you to know what happens when. 
This may vary depending on what happens on the day.

T H U R S D A Y 
A day of pure set up.

13:00 - S I G N   I N   O P E N S.

F R I D A Y 
Players and Crew can arrive from any time on Friday.

18:00 - T I M E  I N 
20:00 - E V E N I N G   M E A L 
00:00 - P L O T   F I N I S H E S


S A T U R D A Y 

Full day of game.

09:00 -  B R E A K F A S T
10:00 - P L O T   S T A R T S
13:00 - L U N C H

19:00 - E V E N I N G   M E A L

00:00 - P L O T   F I N I S H E S



End of game and set down.

09:00 - B R E A K F A S T 
10:00 - P L O T   S T A R T S
13:00 - L U N C H 
15:00 - T I M E   O U T 

Morning of set down.


11:00 - O F F S I T E
All players and crew must be off site by 11AM.

C A M P I N G   A R R A N G E M E N T S

Camping is split up into two areas, In character (IC) camping and Out of character (OC) camping areas. Each area has different levels of whats acceptable. Here you'll find a guide to what is allowed in each area as well as rules for fires, trash disposal and other logistics. 

If you are planning to stay in the IC camp, please let our designated Camp Master know how many tents you are bringing so we can organise a camp plan. This can be done in our facebook group available HERE.

I C   C A M P I N G

The in character (IC) camping area is for people whom wish to stay in the game area overnight, at the heart of the action. You will need what is considered to be an IC tent, made of canvas. We do not allow plastic tents inside the camping area in order to keep immersion and set dressing levels as high as possible. 

Keep all your lighting and items as IC as possible. Keep all plastic bags and out of character containers out of sight. The easiest way to keep stuff IC is to decant whatever you need into other IC containers - like a can of coke can be decanted into a goblet or a packet of sweets can be decanted into a wooden bowl.

We do not allow Tiki torches as IC lighting for safety reasons - fairy lights are, however, fine and can be made into really nice set dressing when placed inside glass jars. 

For information on fire pits and fire rules, please see the section below.

O C   C A M P I N G 

Out of character (OC) camp is affectionately known as Plastic Camp. Here, any form of tents are allowed and there are no restrictions on what can be in view. Plastic Camp is located right beside the toilet block, crew hut and water standpipe.

O T H E R   F A C I L I T I E S

Facilities on site also includes an indoor toilet block and showers, as well as a clean water stand pipe at the side of the toilet block. 


Any fires must be in off the floor pits. Fires must not be left unattended. If burning trash, do not put glass bottles or cans into fires and make sure plastic bottles have their lids taken off.

T R A S H   D I S P O S A L

Our current site does not have trash collection, therefor any rubbish created must either be burnt or taken away by the players.

Normally, site maintains a trash burning fire up beside crew hut if you wish to burn any rubbish you have. Do not attempt to burn metal or glass in the fires. Make sure any plastic bottles or jars have their lids taken off to avoid them popping off with the heat.

Any food waste must be burnt and cannot be left outside as it would encourage rats and other animals.