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Updated 8th August 2016

Event Policies 

Breaking the Law:

Illegal activities will result in ther perpetrator being escorted offsite and their details handed to the police.

Underage Drinking:

We operate a strict underage drinking policy. Anyone found giving alcohol to minors will be immediately ejected from site.

Out of Character Violence and threats:

Any violence threatened outside of the game parameters will be taken seriously.
We have a zero tolerance policy on threatening or violent behaviour. OC Violence and threats of violence may result in ejection from site and ban. 

Out of Character Bullying and Harassment:

Bullying and harassment will be taken seriously. Cases may result in a ban, Avoid order or ejection. 

Sexual Harassment:

Sexual Harassment claims will be taken with the utmost seriousness. Cases may result in a ban and ejection. 

Event Privacy Policy:

Medical Data and Emergency Numbers -
Any information gathered at an event for medical use or other will never be shared to anyone other than an emergency service or given to any third party for any reason. 

Refund Policy:

Triskelion tickets can be refunded fully up until 30 days before first event. After which, only partial refunds are available of various amounts depending on how many events attended and how close we are to the next one. No refunds are available 2 days before the last event.

On standard tickets, full refund can be requested up to 30 days to event. If the event is less than 30 days away, half refund only. Cannot refund ticket 2 days before event or after event start date.

Updated 13th November 2017

Equality and Diversity

We will not tolerate discrimination or harassment at any ERDA events. It is not acceptable to insult or harass another attendee on the basis of an out of character attribute. Any incidents will be treated under the OC Bullying and Harassment Policy.

Complaint Handling

No one entering a complaint is 'causing trouble'. Our team is dedicated to assuring that all players, crew and staff feel confident and safe at any of our events. Any complaint will be handled with your privacy in mind and the way we handle the incident will be reflective of the submitting attendee's wishes.

Due to the nature of complaints usually submitted at larps, 'hearsay' evidence is all we often get to work on. Upon 'hearing' anything which contradicts the nature of the game, our policies and terms and conditions, we will issue a single warning. If the behaviour does not change and stay changed, then we will exercise further action.

If the incident is serious and facts are beyond reasonable doubt we will forego the warning and extend a permanent and immediate ban.

If a complaint warrants it, we may issue an Avoid Order where participants are required to either avoid games which the other is attending or avoid on field. It is only applied when we believe it is beneficial for both parties.