R U L E S   O F   E N G A G E M E N T

In order to allow safe, fair combat for our players and crew, we ask everyone to abide by these rules. 

Please note: Children under the age of 16 cannot participate in fights. Players aged 16-17 must be supervised when in a battle.

The system is built upon a ‘heroic fighting style’: a slower, dramatic and 'realistic' type of fighting. Everyone should aim to make each other’s battles brilliant. Big strikes, heroic and mighty are what we’re aiming for. ‘Drum rolling’ (using your weapon to very quickly hit someone repeatedly) is a rather unfair practice. Swing like you mean it, not like you’re playing drum! Remember, we want to emphasise roleplay so take your hits heroically too!

P U L L I N G   B L O W S

As many LARPers know already, pulling blows is vital. For people new to LARPing, pulling blows is where you actively pull back your strike on someone so it doesn't hit them as hard. This makes the game a lot safer and more enjoyable. If you feel you've hit someone too hard, an apology never goes amiss! Don’t be afraid to check!


Where as in the system, Grappling (Wrestling/hand-to-hand) is allowed, is not encouraged with partners who don’t know it’s coming. Always make sure your grappling partner is fine with actually doing so. Take care and look after each other.

This also extends to activities such as shield bashing and other rough RP stuff.

H E A D S H O T S   &  G R O I N  H I T S

A blow to the head counts as a blow to the chest. We really don’t want people hitting people over the head but we know accidents do happen. Head shots with a bow are not allowed. Groin shots aren't allowed but may still happen by accident. Look after each other.

A L C O H O L 

Having one or two is your prerogative, but do not fight if you feel you have had too much. In short, if you are too drunk to operate machinery or drive a vehicle, you are too drunk to be able to fight. If a ref feels you've had too much to drink and sees you fighting they will stop you and advise you otherwise.

We have a strict no underage drinking policy. Under UK law the legal age for drinking alcohol and purchase of alcohol is 18 years old. if you are under 18 then you are not permitted to drink alcohol at all at the event. If anyone is caught giving alcohol to minors they will be asked to leave. We ask all our players and crew to be responsible with alcohol. We want you all to enjoy your event and not be stuck in your tent with a hangover or vomiting everywhere.