Armour takes damage before a player’s base hit points. Armour can be damaged. If an armoured location takes a hit the armour becomes damaged. If the amount of hits the armour piece takes is equal to its bonus then the armour no longer offers any protection and must be repaired.

In order for a location to be covered by armour, the vis rep must cover more than 50% of the location. Any damage armour takes must be repaired in order to regain the full bonus. 

A R M O U R  B O N U S 

Every character can wear any set of armour which gives the following armour bonuses:

Padded and soft leather: Player gains +1 hit to any location covered.

Hard leather: Player gains +2 hits to any location covered.

Chainmail: Player gains +3 hits to any location covered.

Plate: Player gains +4 hits to any location covered.

The following stacking combinations of armour are allowed:
Padded and soft leather with hard leather.  (+3)
Padded and soft leather with Chainmail. (+4)
Padded and soft leather with Plate. (+5)

Therefor the max total hits plus armour points someone can have is 8, as long as they have the Extra Hit Skill.

Different types of armour can be worn on different locations. For example, a player could wear a chainmail shirt with plate mail gorget, spaulders and vambraces. The chainmail shirt would cover the chest area for +3 but the plate spaulders and vambraces would cover the arms for +4. Add a sleeveless gambeson under the chain for a +1 and that brings chest armour value to +4.


A magic user can only cast through padded cloth or soft leather.

R E P A I R I N G   A R M O U R

Players can learn how to repair armour from a person with the relative skill and will have to train in order to gain it themselves. See the REPAIR skill.