Every player starts out with a basic set of skills.  If the player wants to gain extra skills they must train with a mentor.

B A S I C  S K I L L S

Everyone starts with the following skills.


Rules of skills will be explained in the relevant section:

- Dagger.

- One-handed.


Players can then choose 3 out of all of the other skills. Any extra will have to be taught to you in game from someone with teach and the skill you want to learn.

G A I N I N G   M O R E   S K I L L S

Gaining more skills is roleplay heavy. The player must find a mentor with the “Teach” skill in order to learn from them. A player can only learn one new skill at a time and cannot learn and teach simultaneously.


A teacher can only teach one person at one time in one skill. Learning a skill or teaching a skill takes an entire event - 3 'days' worth of roleplay.


Roleplay is required in order to learn a new skill. If you’re learning a weapon skill, you must train with your teacher. If you are learning surgery from a doctor, you must shadow the doctor like an apprentice in order to learn how things work.


If you undergo training for any skill, let a ref or Games Organisation know or we cannot keep track of it and won’t be registered on your character card.

For more information, please see the TEACH SKILL.