All weapons in Erda must adhere to the rules set in the skills section and can be found HERE.

In addition to this, all your weapons must be well checked by an Erda Weapons Checker to assure they are in fit condition for use at the event.

Bows and Crossbows must all be poundage checked by an Erda Ref, and the player must undergo a simple competency test to make sure the person behind the bow is safe in using it.


Arrows and bolts must all be the flat headed arrow, and not the round headed IDVs. The round headed IDV LARP arrows are banned from Erda. Bows, Crossbows, arrows and bolts must all be checked for condition at every event for safety by an Erda Ref.


Throwing weapons are also permitted within Erda as long as they are coreless. Stab-Safe weaponry, pole arms, javelins, swords and spears are all allowed to be used in Erda following a weapon check.