Costume Goblins


Costume Goblins offers customised character puppets, random jewelry, one of a kind costumes pieces for almost all genres, as well as made to order designs and other accessories!

A . Davies Crafts

A small, one person craft stall that makes a number of items, from candles to maille jewellery along with the odd one off item.

Some items can be customised, to make it truly yours!

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Seaxe Crafts

Looking for a gift with a personal touch?

Seaxe Crafts offers a wide range of bespoke and custom-made items created from leather, wood and metal. 

Everything they have for sale is handmade and individually made with personal care for that unique touch. 

Find their website here!

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DarkRaven Armoury

Weapons, armour and props for LARP and Cosplay. Foam weaponry, modified Nerf guns and everything in between. Custom work welcomed.

We're excited to have them trading as an IC Blacksmith!

Find their website here!

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Seedling Productions

Seedling Productions will be providing one of their themed LARP taverns for the next Erda events.

A place where players and crew can drink, chat and relax in this wonderful IC atmosphere. Mead, Ale and Soft Drinks available along side much much more!

Seedling's wenches and barmen look forward to serving you all weekend.

Find their website here!

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The Portrait

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Stunning Photography. Normally, Hannah at The Portrait focuses her work on portraits, as the name may suggest. She's brought her keen eye to Erda to provide our players with some stunning portraits of their own.

Check out the Erda: Civil War gallery to see her work.


Jewels-Design has been at all of our events with their beautiful, handcrafted wire jewellry and statuettes.

Jewels-Design makes unique hand-made crafts from floral arrangements to jewellery and leather goods. 

Check them out on their facebook page!

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At Erda, we love our traders, as any larp does!  Here's a list of those we've been proud to host. If you're interested in trading, you can always send us an email at and arrange it with us.