Where's The Bar? For Erda Kit Standards.

There is a lot of scope for creative costuming in Erda and kit standards are, obviously, rather important! Erda has a 'seemingly' high bar when it comes to kit - we don't allow black as a general-use colour and would like modern corsetry way out of the picture, which instantly cuts down choices for people.

I say seemingly for a reason. In my previous post on kit, I took you through how to create an albian-ish costume for around £20 - not bad, eh?

Here, we brief the different cultures, what inspiration you can use as well as showing you the pinterests we've made to help you find some visual reference!

But, wait! There's more! I've added weathering techniques for costumes as well as accessory DIYs and suggestions for things you could try to add to existing costumes.

Hopefully, this can be a bit of a resource for you! Costuming possibilities are endless, really. Just remember to stick to the briefs provided. (In case you don't know, this is why it's important.) There is more in the rules on costume and culture briefs.


Pinterest Reference Hopefully these boards can not only give you a better idea about the look and feel of the different cultures, but can inspire some of your own costuming choices! The link on the name will take you to the board. Albia Albia is a land of druids, knights, woad, celts and ... landsknechts! It's a mash of bronze age celts, brightly coloured german mercenaries and arthurian knights. As Albia is the centre of the trading world in Erda, Albia is vastly influenced by all other cultures. Thulm

Thulm is vastly norse/icelandic with all the viking flare (bar the horned helmets). Thulmians also borrow a lot from other cultures, particularly Albia and Olvany, so it would be worth a look at them too.


Olvany is indian, moroccan, turkish and macedonian with flecks of venetian/italian/sardinian. It's a stunning and a hugely colourful and expressive opulent combination.


Tantian is based upon a Tibetan and Aztec/mayan mixture. Lots of feathers and geometric patterns. As an island away from the main continent, it's style is traditional and rather unique.


Possibly our most 'out-there' combination - mongolian and polynesian, particularly hawaiian (minus the hawaiian print shirts), with greek accents. Altankora is split into two tribes - the Khun take on more of the Mongolian/greek aspects, whereas the Uliuli are far more mongolian/polynesian.


Techniques for Weathering

- Torn fabric edges

- Wire wool steeped in vinegar for 24 hours can create a quick and easy patina/aging for wood.

- Cheese cloth/muslin is really easy to pull apart and really cheap.

- Coffee/tea/brush-o-dye in a spray bottle.

- Salt/sugar can be used to move dye around on fabric, making a speckled look.

- Sandpaper.

- On darker fabric, bleach can be used to relieve some of the colour.

- Synthetic fabrics can be heated with a heat gun/over a flame to shrink, texture or burn the fabric.

- Rub it on fresh cut grass for grass stains.

- Red wine, for your inner drunkard.

- Sew on patches.

- Cut the garment and sew it back up, roughly or neatly.


Accessories Accessories can make an outfit! Here are a few more pinterest ideas for you to look at and try out for yourself!

- This cool belt/harness idea done with two belts.

- Different types of stitching/embroidery to try edging costume with.

- Make fluffy fur-like wool tassels from yarn.

- Make your own knapsack!

- Decorate random sticks for hair accessories/pencils/pens/all sorts of things.

- Why not make yourself a tic tac toe game out of sticks and stones!

- Think of all the fun things you can texture with Smocking. - A draped vest is perfect for layering - could do with fur. - Making Celtic-style Woven Bracelets (or belts?)

- Make a Ruana/blanket coat.

- Make small bones/horns/teeth out of clay and sew them to your costume

- Fill small bottles with bits and pieces like sand or pressed flowers and attach them to a necklace.

- Layer leg wraps: Another, thinner wrap over a thicker wrap.

- Hand wraps are good too, have a play with some fabric strips.

- Generally tie beaded fabric strips/leather/cords to things.

- Small bags with adjustable straps make great belts with added pouch.

- Wear a tankard/drinking vessel.

- Generally texturing your fabric with embroidery/smocking/applique.

- Add a trim, there are so many out there to choose from.

- Tassels are fun and can look ace attached to bags/weapons and edges of fabrics.

- Feathers can be collected pretty much anywhere and make great additions to hats/hair/pendants.

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