K I T  S T A N D A R D S


Kit standard at Erda is really important. It allows us to build atmosphere and depth whilst being a practical aid and safety point. 

Here we're including some dos and don'ts for our players and crew to be aware of. Please keep them in mind when packing and designing your costumes.

Do's and Don'ts


  • Wrap brightly coloured weapon handles.

  • Keep in mind the guidelines and examples for each culture.

  • Lean more towards historically tasting costumes, for example look closely at Mongolian/Hawaiian warriors for Altankora.

  • Ensure you have lots of layers - you can always take something off if you're hot, but being cold without extra to add can be a nightmare.

  • Get comfortable and sensible shoes like hiking boots/military boots. Brown is preferable but it doesn’t matter if they’re brown or black as long as they are comfortable and sturdy.

  • Think about investing in waterproof socks - Seal skins are amazing and highly recommended.

  • Limit the use of black in costumes, black is a colour reserved for those who hold very high standings in the world. Black buckles are fine, but entire sets of black leather armour are not. Ask if you’re unsure. We’re always happy to help!

E X A M P L E S    O F    F A N T A S T I C    K I T 



  • Wear Jeans/tracksuit bottoms/jeggings/yoga pants.

  • Wear corsets - not to be confused with hero belts - they’re beautiful but not for this game.

  • Be scantily clad. Be sensible with what you’re wearing - a tribal loin cloth is not enough.

  • Go walking barefoot at ANY point outside during the game. We can't always see what's in the grass.

  • Craft armour out of worbla, ceramic tiles or potentially dangerous hard items. if in doubt, ask our safety refs.

  • No cosplay standard weapons. 

  • Do not use the design of a character from an existing franchise. Eg. Gerald from The Witcher, or Jon Snow from Game of Thrones etc.




If you're worried about making your own kit, please reference our handy guide HERE to aid in helping you make an outfit for 20 quid!

Also, for finishing touches and weathering and more resources - THIS PAGE will also help you.