H I T   L O C A T I O N S  &   W O U N D S

Every character starts with 2 hits per location: head & torso (as one), each arm and each leg separately.
This amount can be increased with skill training or armour. Blows to the head count as a hit to the chest.


When a location is hit, the player gains a wound. If a location other than head or torso is hit for the total amount of hits (including any armour) and thus reduced to zero, the limb is useless. If the torso or head is reduced to zero then the character is mortally wounded and on death count.

Wounds occur when you are hit on a location and you have run out of armour to protect that area. You gain one wound per hit unless hit by a weapon that would cause more damage, eg Dane Axes, double-handed Hammers, etc.

Once a body location hits zero other than the head and torso then that body location becomes useless. If your head or torso hits zero then the character has become mortally wounded and will be on death count.

D E A T H   C O U N T 

When a character’s hit points are reduced to zero on the torso the character is rendered unconscious and dying.


The player then initiates death count which is 3 minutes long.


If the character remains untreated past three minutes (180 seconds) then the character has died and a player must create a new character.


Death count can be extended by a player applying first aid or stopped by a person with the required medical skills treating them.