Erda is relatively call-light. We have very limited amounts of official calls. Either way, please familiarise yourself with them so you can be clued in and ready - especially when safety calls are concerned.

C A L L   L I S T

"Time in"
Ref call: Game play starts/resumes!

"Time out"
Ref call: Game play finishes.

"Time freeze"
Ref call: Players are required to freeze on the spot, close their eyes and hum until time in is called.

“Stop the game!”/ "Man down" 
This is an emergency call for if someone is hurt out of character. Anyone can make this call if they see someone hurt during play. If you hear this call all game play must stop and players must kneel so refs can clearly see and assess what’s happened.

A player can make this call for a local mini-pause in game play around them in such cases like dropping glasses or if a situation they find themselves in has gotten dangerous such as being backed into brambles and nettles or fighting too close to a fire. Players locally are required to pause and allow the player to recover sensibly (i.e. pick up glasses or move out of the way of brambles/ away from fire).


For this rule only, the head and body are two separate locations.

A Subdue hit is one (1) point of damage to the hit location. When a location is reduced to zero (0) hits that location is useless for two (2) minutes, unless it is the head and body locations, in which case the person is rendered unconscious for a total of three (3) minutes. No amount of shaking will wake them. Subdue hits are useless against armoured locations. 

Subdue hits are light, minimal force taps. They are meant to be only touches.


 "Venom!" - You have been poisoned and a anti-venom needs to be made and applied before something awful happens. A number listed afterwards denotes the physical damage dealt, which may be healed normally. 


As we’re testing the Botany systems, there may be new, interesting and wacky calls made during battles. The calls will be short and should accurately describe in one or two words the effect you’ll need to portray if effected. 


"Forget self" - You experience 15 seconds of amnesia.